Our People is what makes the difference



Bianca Cook

Bianca has been renovating homes since 1998.  Renovating & re-decorating her first home purchased as the techni coloured dream house.  It was so bad her mother cried on first inspection but Bianca had a vision and saw potential.  Within several weeks, her mother cried again, this time with happiness.

Then Bianca took on the daunting task of renovating a farm shack 30 klms out of town. With no power & an infestation of white ants, it was a daunting challenge.  Within around six weeks, working only on weekends, the property was liveable again & much more attractive than any other shack in the area.
Bianca then renovated three more houses and friends and family began asking her to help them shop and decorate their own homes.


Working for twenty years in asset protection and risk management Bianca decided it was time to work in the industry she was most passionate about.  Reviving tired, desperate properties.  Bianca does everything from administration to getting on the job site and getting dirty and managing the entire resuscitation process.


Adam Cook

Adam spent twenty-one years in the engineering industry. On weekends he was always being asked by friends and family to do jobs for them.  Not just change a light bulb type jobs but restoration of their decks, demolition of their bathroom, landscaping their gardens type jobs.


Adam began a property maintenance service and became so busy he soon left his life in engineering to pursue a career in property maintenance.


Adam works regularly for real estate agents and clients, doing all types of handyman and maintenance works. Preparing properties for sale has become a very exciting part of his daily life.


Adam is entusiatic and energetic and can tackle just about any job or problem he is presented with. Adam has ideas when no one else does, he thinks on his feet.


People recognise Adam’s kind and warm nature instantly and he always delivers what he promises.  Adam is patient and always remains calm no matter how stressful the situation or project.   Adam is the brains and muscle behind Real Estate Paramedics.

Cameron is our sparky.  Cameron spent fifteen years in the Navy studying electricals and electronics. 


There is no problem he cannot solve. He is professional, reliable and knows exactly what needs to be done, when and how.  Reliable tradesmen are hard to find but we have found an absolute gem with Cameron on board.

Opeta is our muscles.  Opeta is one of the hardest working young men you will find today.  He will dig out and lay turf, in record time, in the blazing heat.  Replant your garden, trim your hedges, pressure wash your house and pathways, clean your windows, carry your heavy items and so much more. 


He is a hard working man with a can do attitude. His strength and drive make him a valuable member of the Real Estate Paramedics team.

Opeta Taupaui
Cameron Walker
Troy Douglas
Rob Irwin

Troy Douglas our plumber.  Troy has been unblocking toilets and plumbing new bathrooms and kitchens for over ten years. 


His skills are endless.  Like all of our tradies, he is reliable, professional and knows how to get the job done.  A client of ours was told by another plumber they needed to put holes in their walls to fix their plumbing problem.  Troy took one look at the job and found the problem in the tap.  No hole required. 


Honest trades are so important to Real Estate Paramedics. We want our clients to get the best service, the best advice, at the best possible price.  That’s exactly what Troy provides Real Estate Paramedics client, everytime.


Rob Irwin our kitchen man.  Rob has been manufacturing kicthens for over twenty eight years.  Rob can do all types of joinery and creates beautiful custom kitchens without the custom kitchen price tag.  A new kitchen can make your home feel like a new home. Everyone loves a well designed kitchen.